Area Director

Area Director



Direct, plan, supervise, organize and control environment and activities of dermatology clinics for multiple practices. 



  1. Manage the clinic operations of multiple locations to ensure the corporate goals of service, associate engagement, and patient experience are accomplished, and maintain a culture that focuses on quality medical care and customer service while supporting the physicians’ needs within the organization.
  2. Direct the overall clinical quality goals, metrics, and measurements of the practices to ensure consistency, excellence in clinical processes and benchmarks, and affects changes in all clinics for the better support of our providers and patients.   
  3. Direct, supervise and coordinate the functions and activities of clinics including systems, budget, materials management, human resources, data processing and maintenance.
  4. Ensures the compliance of the CLIA waived labs and the pathology lab to pass inspections and exceed quality metrics and benchmarks.
  5. Directs daily operations to include registration, cash collection, charge preparation, referral/authorizations.
  6. Develop an understanding of the intricacies of dermatology clinic visits and surgical procedures, the role of the referring provider, the interplay of the pathology lab with the dermatology offices, and the cosmetic procedures performed within the clinic setting to better support our provider partners, their patients and the financial goals of PhyNet Dermatology.   
  7. Participate in the development of corporate goals, objectives and policies.
  8. Promote the provision of cost-effective, high-quality health care services for patients.
  9. Ensure high degree of patient and client satisfaction with the clinics.
  10. Develop initiative, motivation and positive morale within the center staff.
  11. Maintain compliance with government and third-party payer requirements.
  12. Maintain standards of quality care.
  13. Develop operational plans to assure medical and logistical viability and to fulfill the clinics’ goals and objectives in a coordinated, effective and efficient manner.
  14. Develop budgets, including forecasts of revenue, workload, requirements for personnel, space, equipment and support services to assure financial viability and to fulfill the clinics’ goals and objectives in a coordinated, effective and efficient manner with the position’s counterpart, regional director of operations. Report and interpret monthly and annual data to assure budget compliance.
  15. Implement marketing plans which include assisting with the development of the corporate strategy, promotion of the clinics and their professionals, and product/service assessment. Responsible for public relations and referral relationships.
  16. Resolve conflicts that occur in an organization while protecting the professional and legal rights of everyone involved.
  17. Resolve problems related to staffing, utilization of facilities, equipment and supplies.
  18. Analyze systems and procedures and initiate changes to improve work flow and efficiency. Maintain and compile statistics when necessary or upon the request of the senior management.
  19. Recommend center facility improvements including construction, renovation and purchase of equipment.
  20. Interpret center and corporate policies, objectives and operational procedures to center employees.
  21. Select and train/orient center personnel.
  22. Work with staff to develop/implement performance goals and objectives. Determine merit increases, promotions, and disciplinary actions
  23. Interact with other practice managers and senior management to ensure coordinated efforts in the development of professional relations and contractual arrangements with third party payers, clients and government agencies.
  24. Consult with medical staff to ensure compliance with standards and regulations.
  25. Represent clinics at public and professional meetings and conferences as required. Participate in center communication and public relations programs.
  26. Maintain professional affiliations and enhance professional development to keep pace with the trends in health care administration.
  27. Maintain strictest confidentiality.
  28. Perform related work as required.




  1. Financial planning, budget preparation, trend analysis and financial analysis.
  2. Excellent people skills. Ability to motivate, cooperate with and work effectively with others.
  3. Knowledge of the organization’s policies and procedures.
  4. Knowledge of health care administration, center philosophy and policies and operating procedures.
  5. Knowledge of fiscal management practices and human resource management techniques.
  6. Knowledge of health care administration systems.
  7. Knowledge of governmental regulations.
  8. Knowledge of computer systems and applications.
  9. Skill in planning, organizing and supervising.
  10. Skill in exercising initiative and judgment.
  11. Skill in developing and maintaining effective relationships with medical and administrative staff, patients and the public.
  12. Ability to solve problems and make decisions.
  13. Ability to analyze and interpret complex data.
  14. Ability to research and prepare comprehensive reports.
  15. Ability to communicate effectively and clearly in writing and verbally.



Experience managing multiple practices preferred.