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Freedom To Grow Together

Running a successful dermatology practice involves a significant amount of administrative burden. PhyNet Dermatology is able to take that burden off your shoulders while helping you and your partners achieve your goals. Some of your partners may want to monetize the significant equity value that you have created, others may want to continue serving their patients without the day-to-day administrative burden, and others may want to invest additional capital to expand the practice. Affilitating with PhyNet Dermatology provides an opportunity for the vision of each partner to be realized, while providing a long-term platform to continue to serve the needs of your patients and your community. PhyNet Dermatology’s industry leading Operations Team focuses on optimizing every aspect of your practice so that you can focus on doing what you do best, providing excellent patient care.

Enhance Operational Processes

At PhyNet Dermatology, we improve efficiency in everything we do with the sole goal of helping you to deliver an optimal patient experience. We are constantly implementing tools and processes that simplify and improve each aspect of providing care to patients while operating the practice in a responsible manner.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Our world is changing rapidly and new innovative technologies are driving advances in every aspect of our lives. The Technology Team at PhyNet Dermatology is on the leading edge of implementing innovative technology in order to bring the latest products and services to our patients, affiliated practices and joint venture partners.

Superior Negotiating Power with Vendors

When it comes to negotiating with your suppliers and vendors, size is strength. As PhyNet Dermatology grows, our purchasing power grows with it. Our Purchasing Team has negotiated industry-leading terms for supplies, pharmaceuticals, practice management software, and other expenses with the goal of reducing cost and enhancing the financial strength of our affiliated practices.

Enhance Patient Encounters

Patients have many choices when it comes to selecting a provider. Our Marketing Team are experts at attracting and retaining patients through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) digital marketing campaigns, social media engagement, Google review enhancement, online scheduling, and automated appointment reminders.

Expand Service Offerings

Patients are asking providers to provide more services than ever before. At PhyNet Dermatology, we are willing to invest in the newest products and services to allow our affiliated providers to offer the latest solutions for their existing and new patients.

Best-in-class Revenue Cycle Management

Our affiliated providers deliver world-class care to patients and they deserve a world-class revenue cycle management team that supports them in being reimburses for their services timely and accurately. The PhyNet Dermatology Revenue Cycle Team has some of the highest collection rates in the industry, some of the lowest cost of collections, and superior negotiating experience with managed care payers, all of which results in better economic outcomes for our affiliated practices.

Provider Recruiting

Our affiliated providers are committed to delivering world-class care to our patients. Patients have a choice in providers and we help our affiliated practices to recruit only the very best providers in the market. Our fully integrated in-house Provider Recruiting Team, along with our national recruiting firm partners, identify the best providers to help grow your practice.

Expand Footprint

PhyNet Dermatology is a national brand with over 230 affiliated providers in over 120 locations in 17 states. We partner with our existing practices to open new locations, expanding access to care for patients in those communities.

PhyNet Dermatology and our affiliates exceed patient expectations.

“Dermatology is a wonderful specialty, but after 29 years in practice, the administrative burdens were only getting more, not less, time consuming. When my partners and I decided to streamline our lives and monetize the value we had built up over decades, we very deliberately met with all the players in the market. PhyNet Dermatology was clearly the best partner for our practice and was our unanimous choice. The PhyNet Dermatology people are very experienced, easy to work with, and have greatly eased the administrative burdens of running our practice. They have a vision for our future and are dynamically growing our practice. Definitely the right choice for our group.”
Massachusetts Dermatologist29 Years of Experience
“For the last 19 years, I have provided medical and cosmetic dermatological care to patients in Florida. Our practice prides ourselves on providing exceptional quality of medical care to our patients. Last year, my practice made the decision to align with PhyNet Dermatology to provide day-to-day management services. My partners and I believed the change was necessary in order to continue to provide the level of care our patients have come to expect from the practice. Our experience has been excellent. My partners and I are still able to provide the same level of clinical care to our patients, and we have been alleviated from the responsibilities of administratively managing the practice.”
Florida Dermatologist19 Years of Experience
“I was in practice for 22 years before I chose to go with PhyNet Dermatology. Choosing to join them was definitely the right decision for me. They have many years of experience running physician practices and know what kind of support physicians need in order to be successful. They’ve taken away most of my administrative hassles without being disruptive or changing the way I practice. I am happier and more efficient than ever.”
Massachusetts Dermatologist22 Years of Experience