Become a PhyNet Dermatology Affiliated Physician or Provider

Physicians and providers are the heart and soul of every healthcare organization.

Freedom to grow together

With over 120 practice affiliations we are constantly searching for the very best Physicians & Advanced Practice Providers to join our Team. 

As a PhyNet affiliated physician or provider, you will have access to a network of colleagues, resources, and business support tools that pave a clear path to success. Additionally, you have the autonomy to provide your patients with the care they need while earning a competitive income and enjoying a balanced lifestyle.

Our focus is to help you build a lasting and successful career in dermatology. You will practice in a multi-specialty environment, which allows you the opportunity to work collaboratively with providers offering general dermatology, cosmetic dermatology, and Mohs services. And our affiliated practices come equipped with the latest, proven technology, industry-leading payer and vendor contracting, along with supportive office staff to enable you to spend more time on patient care.

We are looking for physicians and providers

We are growing and looking for physicians and providers to join established practices as well as open new locations. Interested in learning more, check out our current openings or submit an inquiry with our Recruiting team to learn about other opportunities we can provide.

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PhyNet Dermatology and our affiliates exceed patient expectations.

“Dermatology is a wonderful specialty, but after 29 years in practice, the administrative burdens were only getting more, not less, time consuming. When my partners and I decided to streamline our lives and monetize the value we had built up over decades, we very deliberately met with all the players in the market. PhyNet Dermatology was clearly the best partner for our practice and was our unanimous choice. The PhyNet Dermatology people are very experienced, easy to work with, and have greatly eased the administrative burdens of running our practice. They have a vision for our future and are dynamically growing our practice. Definitely the right choice for our group.”

– 29 Years of Experience –

“For the last 19 years, I have provided medical and cosmetic dermatological care to patients in Florida. Our practice prides ourselves on providing exceptional quality of medical care to our patients. Last year, my practice made the decision to align with PhyNet Dermatology to provide day-to-day management services. My partners and I believed the change was necessary in order to continue to provide the level of care our patients have come to expect from the practice. Our experience has been excellent. My partners and I are still able to provide the same level of clinical care to our patients, and we have been alleviated from the responsibilities of administratively managing the practice.”

– 19 Years of Experience –

“I was in practice for 22 years before I chose to go with PhyNet Dermatology. Choosing to join them was definitely the right decision for me. They have many years of experience running physician practices and know what kind of support physicians need in order to be successful. They've taken away most of my administrative hassles without being disruptive or changing the way I practice. I am happier and more efficient than ever.”

– 22 Years of Experience –