Dermatology Leadership

We take care of our affiliated physicians and providers so that they can focus on the most important thing…taking care of patients. PhyNet Dermatology’s leaders combine diverse expertise with a shared passion for enhancing the operations of dermatology practices so as to ensure the best possible experience for our providers and patients.

Management Team

Stephen M. Pirri

Chief Executive Officer

Laura C. Hinson

Chief Financial Officer

Mason L. Budelier

Chief Legal Officer

Greg James

Chief Operations Officer

Donna D. Howard

Chief Human Resources Officer

John A. Dickenson

Chief Development Officer

Chad Peters

Chief Administrative Officer

Evan Smith

Senior Vice President, Northeast

Giana Garza

Senior Vice President, National Cosmetics & Aesthetics

Jared L. Dillman

Senior Vice President, Southeast

Sheryl Smith

Regional Vice President, Midwest

Ryan Christian

Senior Vice President, West

Board Of Directors

Scott Bartos

Joshua Berlin, MD

Robert Breckon

Christie Carlisle

Claire Gulmi

Peter Laino

Stephen M. Pirri

Terry Woodward