Dr. Rollin M. Green joins forces with PhyNet Dermatology, LLC & Island Dermatology

FRANKLIN, Tenn. (May 23, 2024) – PhyNet Dermatology, LLC is proud to announce that Dr. Rollin M. Green of Green Dermatology is now part of its affiliated network of physicians and providers and will be partnering locally with Island Dermatology, founded by Dr. Leila Ettefagh and Dr. Navid Nami. Dr. Green has been serving patients in the Laguna Hills area for over 35 years.

Green Dermatology, founded by Dr. Green, is an established full-service dermatology clinic that treats patients of all ages. The partnership between Dr. Green, Dr. Ettefagh, and Dr. Nami ensures patients in the Laguna Hills community will have access to an expanded care team of physicians and providers delivering medical, cosmetic, and surgical dermatology services.

“We are excited to welcome Dr. Rollin Green to the PhyNet Dermatology and Island Dermatology teams,” said Stephen M. Pirri, CEO of PhyNet Dermatology. “He has a long-standing reputation in Laguna Hills, and, together, Dr. Green, Dr. Ettefagh, and Dr. Nami, will be an integral part of continuing to grow services in Southern California to best meet the needs of patients.”

As part of the affiliation, Green Dermatology will be relocating its practice to the new Island Dermatology location in Laguna Hills. Patients of Dr. Green will have access to a new, modern space with care delivered by the same trusted team they have been treated by for years.

“We have a very established and loyal patient base who have been with us since the beginning. We remain fully committed to them,” commented Dr. Green. “We are confident our partnership with PhyNet Dermatology and Island Dermatology will help us continue to deliver exceptional care in the friendly environment that our patients love.”

For more information about Dr. Rollin M. Green and the new Island Dermatology location, please visit islanddermatology.net.


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